DOWNLOAD: Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront 3

Hi, troopers!

Please read below before download it:
1) That is not a final version of this project, is just a demo version of which is ready by now. There are many things to address and improve;
2) Remember that this pre-alpha version demo was not made by a large and team of a great and renowned game studio, but by only one person helped by others peoples;
3) I didn't receive thousands dollars for do it, I did it for pleasure and for all Battlefront fans who love this project;
4) After this pre-alpha demo version this project will not be continued.

Download and play the Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront III pre-alpha demo!

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Minimum PC requirements:
*2.0+ GHz processor
*2 GB system RAM
*SM3-compatible video card
*1 GB Free hard drive space

Thank you.